We provide the GWA community tools to collect, process, and to use grid workload trace data. We also provide links to third party and related data processing tools.

Collecting Traces

We are currently creating the distribution packages for the following tools: Tools for archiving trace logs from known middleware (e.g., Globus GRAM, Condor Negotiator). Deadline: Nov 2007.These tools will simplify your task when collecting grid traces by automatically archiving all the needed files (ever missed archiving one of the ten archives of a monthly Condor log (fixed-size, rotated)?).

Processing Traces


Using Traces

We are currently creating the distribution packages for the following tools:

  • Modeling tools (e.g., model job arrivals). Deadline: Dec 2007.These tools, published in two steps, allow you to extract parameter values for models based on the characteristics that the workload analysis tools can extract, with and without correlations between them. As a first step we provide the tools that allow you to model individual characteristics without inter-correlations.
  • Workload generation tools (e.g., generate a workload that meets user-specified criteria such as incurred system load). Deadline: Feb 2007.These tools allow you to generate traces in the GWA format, based on an target specification, e.g., desired load incurred to a system of specified size.
  • Libraries for loading raw data from GWA traces. Libraries for loading the traces, and a simple application that parses a GWA trace. You can extend this application to create your own tools. Python libraries.

Third-party Tools

Below we list tools that have been developed with other purposes than dealing exclusively with the GWA contents, but that may be useful to our community. Tools listed here may not even use GWA contents, but provide hints to how to build your own tools, and to what other communities are equiped with.

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