GWA-T-3 NorduGrid

Grid Description

NorduGrid is a production Grid for academic researchers in Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Norway, Sweden, etc. Since 2002, NorduGrid has been in continuous operation and development, and since 2003 industrial, scientific or private organizations with interest in Grid computing have been invited to contribute their compute power to the NorduGrid as collaborators. In NorduGrid, non-dedicated resources are connected using the Advanced Resource Connector (ARC) as grid middleware. The status of all the sites composing the NorduGrid is available through the online ARC Grid Monitor.

Nordugrid connects non-dedicated resources to the grid, that is, participating sites run both grid and local jobs. Most of our grid-connected resources are heavily used by local jobs (the grid non-grid job ratio is around 20 percent, the majority of running jobs being local jobs). Locally submitted jobs do not appear in the NorduGrid traces present in the GWA.

Important links:
The NorduGrid web site


Trace sharing:
The NorduGrid team, contact person Dr. Balasz Konya

Trace analysis:
Shanny Anoep
Alexandru Iosup

Trace Summary

TraceID/Source No. Sites No. V-Procs No. Users No. Jobs Utillization Reseach Work
GWA-T-3 NorduGrid >20 1K-5K 201-500 500K-1M n/a 0

Trace Download

Copyright note
The NorduGrid traces were kindly provided by the NorduGrid team (special thanks to Dr. Balasz Konya), the owners of the NorduGrid system. To use these traces, you must include an acknowledgement to the source of the data in any published material that refers to the data. Please also consider including the Grid Workloads Archive in the acknowledgements.

Download the GWA-T-3 trace in GWF format [9MB]
Download the GWA-T-3 trace in SQLite format [11MB]

Analysis report

A detailed analysis report of this GWA-T-3 trace is available online.

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