GWA-T-2 Grid5000

Grid Description

Grid'5000 is an experimental grid platform consisting of 9 sites geographically distributed in France. Each site comprises one or several clusters, for a total of 15 clusters inside Grid'5000. We have acquired traces recorded by all batch schedulers handling the individual Grid'5000 clusters (OAR, see the OAR web site for the database scheme), from the beginning of the Grid'5000 project up to the 10th of November 2006. Note that most clusters of Grid'5000 were made available during the first half of 2005. The OAR version used throughout the entire recorded workload period is 1.x. The OAR batch scheduler offers reservation capabilities. The OAR users can request nodes in two ways: either in interactive mode (you are logged on the first node, from the set of requested nodes) or in passive mode (a script is batched). For each Grid'5000 cluster, jobs are submitted to named queues, of different priorities. All cluster queues allocate jobs to all the resources in their cluster (i.e., there are no partitions). Grid'5000 also provides a grid resource broker, called OARGrid, which allows resource coallocation. Each coallocation of resources consists of the simulataneous allocation of sets of resources in different grid sites/clusters for the same user/application. The OARGrid requires its users to specify the location (site) of the individual resource sets. Then, OARGrid coallocates the resources using the reservation capabilities of the OAR. Each separate resource set request is recorded by the OAR as a regular local job. OARGrid records all coallocation requests in a separate database. The OARGrid database records for each resource set the id of the site where the resource set has been allocated, and the job id under which this allocation was recorded in the OAR database.

Important links:
The Grid'5000 web site
The OAR web site


Trace sharing:
Grid'5000 team, contact person Dr. Franck Cappello

Trace analysis:
Mathieu Jan
Alexandru Iosup

Trace Summary

TraceID/Source No. Sites No. V-Procs No. Users No. Jobs Utillization Reseach Work
GWA-T-2 Grid5000 11-20 1K-5K 0.5K-1K >1M 11%-20% 0

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Copyright note
The Grid'5000 traces were kindly provided by the Grid'5000 team (special thanks to Dr. Franck Cappello and to Dr. Olivier Richard), the owners of the Grid'5000 system, and by the OAR team (special thanks to Nicolas Capit), the developers of the Grid'5000 resource management infrastructure. To use these traces, you must include an acknowledgement to the source of the data in any published material that refers to the data. Please also consider refering to the Grid Workloads Archive in the acknowledgements.

Download the GWA-T-2 trace in GWF format [9MB]
Download the GWA-T-2 trace in SQLite format [11MB]

Analysis report

No report available for this trace.

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